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Knowing no fear: Taking your dissertation defense easily

The dissertation defense is the doctoral final oral examination, which means that it is the finishing and yet the decisive step in completing one’s studying path. Its impact on the student’s educational outcomes is difficult to overestimate, though there is no need to overdramatize it. For example, there are several key moments to consider that will help you accept the upcoming defense as a majorly positive and desirable experience.

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How long is a dissertation: Creating an informative and engaging research work

A dissertation is one of the most important academic works that determines a student’s future. No wonder young people who have their sights set on that Ph.D. degree wish to know beforehand how long is a dissertation. After all, writing this type of paper is very challenging, and being prepared is extremely important if you wish to reach satisfying results and ensure your academic success. Let’s review the process of writing a dissertation and find out how many pages you’ll have to churn out if you wish to get an impressive Ph.D. degree!

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Challenges of the academic life: How long is a thesis statement

A thesis statement is one of the most important elements of any essay or paper. While other parts of your writing, of course, serve their purpose, this text component helps the reader understand the topic and purpose of your paper before reading it. Thus, writing an effective thesis statement is necessary for creating an engaging and informative essay and receiving an excellent grade. In this case, one of the essential questions is “How long is a thesis statement?”. After all, proper length ensures that your thesis statement is informative but isn’t too extensive and detailed. If you struggle with this question, like many other students, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s find out how long your thesis statement should be together.

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How long is short essay: The art of correct word count

Sometimes, it’s common for our instructors to give us a fantastic task: write a short essay. Knowing what that means is difficult. After all, the definition of a short essay depends on the person. In this review, we shall give you some advice on choosing the essay length. As you’ll see, the process is not difficult. Let’s begin!

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Which Strategy Would Help You Come Up with a Topic for a Research Paper about the Titanic?

What can you write about Titanic that has not been written by others? If you are questioning yourself about this, it may take you hours before you finally decide what topic to choose. We suggest you focus not only on the content of your future project but also on the approach of presenting your ideas. You can go for an extremely creative way of writing your essay that will impress your readers. This article will be a kind of paper writing help for you. We will discuss some of the ways you can generate ideas for your research project dedicated to Titanic.

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How Does the Brainstorming Method of Freewriting Help in Writing a Research Paper?

You’ve been staring at a blank page for some time and don’t know where to start. Writing a research paper can become quite a challenge. Therefore, this article might be exactly what you need right now. It is a great opportunity to get help writing a paper.

There might be several reasons why you experience writer’s block. There are also several possible ways of overcoming it. The fastest one is to hire a professional writer and pay for paper. Then, you will have a flawless paper sample on the requested topic. It will make the preparation stage easier to overcome. If it is not the option you consider right now, continue reading. This article will shed some light on the brainstorming process and the way it can help you create an outstanding project.

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Crucial Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Learning

How effective are the e-learning tools? Is this model of education the future of every student? Due to the recent pandemic events, this option has become the only solution to keep the education process stable. However, despite all the advantages of e-learning, can it become a worthy substitution to offline learning? Let’s explore this question.

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85 Personal Essay Topics that Really Inspire

The paradox of writing essays is that the easier the assignment seems the harder it is to cope with, unfortunately. You might think that is is difficult to write about a book you’ve recently read or discuss the important historical events in a massive history paper. However, writing about yourself is not a lot easier. Your goal is to share your personal story with others. You don’t know what reaction the essay may cause. Someone might laugh at your actions and thoughts, others might think you are a fool or a coward. Revealing your true feelings is always a huge risk. It is also a revelation and relief. That is why it is challenging to decide what personal essay topics to consider for this task.

You might not be willing to reveal too much of the personal details. At the same time, being honest and as open as you can is essential for your essay to seem sincere and appealing. If you are lost in the woods of trivial and boring personal essay topics, here is the collection of the ones that can inspire you.

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