85 Personal Essay Topics that Really Inspire

The paradox of writing essays is that the easier the assignment seems the harder it is to cope with, unfortunately. You might think that is is difficult to write about a book you’ve recently read or discuss the important historical events in a massive history paper. However, writing about yourself is not a lot easier. Your goal is to share your personal story with others. You don’t know what reaction the essay may cause. Someone might laugh at your actions and thoughts, others might think you are a fool or a coward. Revealing your true feelings is always a huge risk. It is also a revelation and relief. That is why it is challenging to decide what personal essay topics to consider for this task.

You might not be willing to reveal too much of the personal details. At the same time, being honest and as open as you can is essential for your essay to seem sincere and appealing. If you are lost in the woods of trivial and boring personal essay topics, here is the collection of the ones that can inspire you.

personal essay topics

Choose the One You Would Like to Discuss:

1. The challenge I’ve overcome and am proud of myself.
2. My biggest failure and the way I handled it.
3. My strategy for reaching big goals.
4. My deepest fears.
5. The superstitions I have.
6. The event that changed my life forever.
7. A personal dilemma I had to face.
8. The oddest experience I had in my life.
9. The traits of character I don’t like in people.
10. The situation when I was a complete disappointment.

11. The experience of seeing my parents cry.
12. The wrong choices I made.
13. If I could switch places with someone, whom would I choose?
14. My attitude towards money.
15. The things I can be proud of.
16. The most amazing experience you had with another person.
17. Someone’s words you will always remember.
18. The invention that I think our world needs.
19. The one thing I would change about the world.
20. The one thing I would never change about myself.

Non-trivial Topics:

21. The secret talent I have.
22. An ethical dilemma I had to solve.
23. My secret place.
24. Something that happened to me and I can’t explain it.
25. My near-death experience.
26. A secret I hide from my parents.
27. The hardest news I had to deliver.
28. The last time I cried.
29. The time I felt underappreciated.
30. My method of dealing with provocations and haters.

31. Do I let myself “do nothing” from time to time?
32. How my habits change with time.
33. Where do I find the motivation I need?
34. Things that make me happy/sad.
35. Do I consider myself being an optimist?
36. Am I more of a spontaneous or organized type of person?
37. Do I show my creativity to others?
38. My attitude towards competition.
39. My biggest interests in life.
40. The activities that fill me in with energy.

More Topics About You:

41. Working in groups and on my own: which way do I prefer?
42. My attitude towards gambling and taking risks.
43. The things that annoy you the most.
44. Am I a materialistic type of person?
45. Am I more of an introvert or an extrovert?
46. The first impression I make on people.
47. The person who inspires me the most.
48. The best piece of advice I gave to someone.
49. The best piece of advice I got in my life.
50. If I had to write only one “Thank you” note, whom would it be addressed to?

51. How would I describe the relationships within my family?
52. The family traditions I like and want to carry on.
53. The funny stories of my family.
54. What do I know about the history of my family?
55. My relationships with mom and dad.
56. Am/Was I an easy child to bring up?
57. The worst discussion I had with my parents.
58. The reasons why I like/dislike my hometown.
59. The neighbors I like/dislike.
60. My favorite place in my house.

Not Too Personal but Still…

61. If my house was on fire what six things would I save?
62. The happiest memory from my childhood.
63. The three things that can tell you a lot about me.
64. The moments from my past I would like to go back to.
65. Are there any regrets in my life?
66. My nicknames.
67. The best lesson I got from my friend.
68. The sacrifices I had to make.
69. How often do I lie?
70. My attitude towards eavesdropping, gossiping and stealing.
71. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
72. Things I like/dislike about religion.
73. I think that money can/can’t buy me happiness.
74. Fear of missing out: how do I feel about it.
75. Do I spend too much money on the things I don’t need?

76. The things I hate about social media.
77. The reasons why I will never have an account on social media.
78. I think that the social media is a useful invention.
79. My attitude towards the online privacy issues.
80. The music I like.
81. My favorite TV show from the childhood.
82. My attitude towards advertising.
83. The movie I would recommend everyone to watch.
84. The best book I’ve read so far.
85. The writer I would like to meet in person.

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