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8 Ideas for Students to Spend Their Free Time Productively
February 28, 2018

Let’s be honest and say right away that students do not have that much of a free time. You have to write numerous papers, attend classes, do homework, find a part-time job to earn some extra money, etc. The only thing you want to do after a stressful day is to get into your cozy bed and watch something entertaining. No one will argue the fact that your brain needs a good rest.

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Who Do You Want To Be?
October 8, 2015

If you haven’t still decided what profession to choose for your future, it’s OK. The question of a future occupation arises pretty early in everyone’s lives. Our parents and relatives begin asking it when we’re still fond of cartoons and drawing on the walls. They even try to predict our possible future professions:

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Writing the Perfect Essay
March 24, 2015

Some students may think that writing an essay is just wasting their time as this activity isn’t significant for their future successful careers. To some extent, they are right. There’s a very low probability you will be asked to demonstrate your writing skills unless you’re planning to become a part of the literary world. However, writing an essay has much more importance in terms of your personal development than you think. That’s why this post will be dedicated to tips on crafting a perfect essay and some of the reasons why you should spend your time on it.

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Community Health Essay Sample
February 24, 2014

Community Health: Helping the Family Residing in Strawberry Mansion, a Section of North Philadelphia

The Assessment (Assignment 1)

Issues of health disparities have often been evident in the healthcare sector and insurance in the communities that consist mostly of the people of colour. As America is approaching the process of implementing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), the situation of healthcare has not changed particular in communities such as the Spanish speaking immigrants of Strawberry Mansion, a section of North Philadelphia. The reason is that there are health disparities because of the social class of these individual communities; in particular, the family consisting of the man, his wife, and son, where both parents are alcoholics and tobacco smokers, all of them are obese. Due to their weight, the man has kidney disease and high blood pressure while the mother has high blood pressure and diabetes. However, from the 80s, the United States government has strived to improve the health of individuals, and limiting the disparities in health care (Philadelphia Health Management Corporation 2002). The issues of lack of college or university education can be corrected, in addition to other matters relating to the race or economic status of Strawberry Mansion, a section of North Philadelphia. Continue reading

Healthcare Management
January 15, 2014

The classic concept is that responsibility and authority should function in concert. An individual who has the responsibility for carrying out a job should also have the authority to finish the job. In the automobile production factory, this might be possible, but in the health setting with its myriad subspecialists, the situation is more complex. A respiratory therapist might be sent down to see a patient who is having difficulty in breathing. At what stage in the patient’s distress is the therapist in charge, or the nurse, or the physician? Continue reading

Hindustan Lever Limited
November 20, 2013

Executive Summary

Unilever’s project Shakti started in the year 2000 in December in Andhra Pradesh, a State in the South of India. The project was under one of Unilever’s subsidiaries, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL). The aim of this project was to reach the untapped rural market in India and also empower underprivileged rural women in the process. The name Shakti was got from an Indian native language and it means empowerment. This project has since grown to become one of the biggest business ventures in the world as will be seen in the case analysis of the project. Continue reading

The Hard Truth about Soft Skills – Quote Analysis
November 18, 2013

Part 1

Management is a technical art that requires the application of soft skills to the fundamental structures of an organization. The productivity of an organization depends on the ability to match soft skills to hard skills. Non-profits, like other profit organizations, are result oriented. Proceeding projects depend on the success of prior ones. Success is a capital in its own right just as a human resource, liquid and tangible assets and innovation. Success has an impact on human capital as it sets a bar for the next accomplishment. Continue reading

SIA Corp Case Study
July 31, 2013

If you were a specialist at SIA, how and why would you respond to the proposed changes?

There is a need to improve the performance of SIA company through consolidation of the knowledge of employees into a unitary system (Karol 1). In this regard, it is important to determine what appeals most to the customers and then delivering it. However, this is not the case because most organizations measure their success using profitability index. In determining the level of performance, a company needs to look at different aspects of a firm’s operation. This is because a firm can be making supernormal profits in the short run but remains unsuccessful in the long run. It is also important to consider that the most invaluable asset in an organization its human resource and, therefore, the success of the organization is hinged on how well it manages and utilizes this resource to fulfill its goals and objectives. Looking for strategies to tap into the knowledge of the workforce at SIA corporation is, therefore, prudent in the organization as this can lead to the resolution of performance problems facing it. Continue reading

Case Study
June 14, 2013

Q.1: What are the sources of conflict in this case?

Ans: The conflict that has aroused in this case is a discrepancy regarding the module of the business within the company, which is recently altered by the appearance of a new-fangled senior manager, Mike Roth. Prior to the emergence of clash/ conflict circumstances the Educational Pension Investments was conventional and restricted to merely stable and secure investments. With the approaching of the new manager Mike, the situation has completely transformed. Continue reading

Apple’s Marketing Secrets
June 10, 2013



As a consultant, I have always wondered how marketing influences corporate success in organizations such as Apple. First, Marketing is an exceedingly demanding managerial functionality. In companies, marketing aims at popularizing an entity’s products, guarding market segments, while at the same time, nurturing the brand. The brand is an aspect of an entity, which makes its products distinct. Therefore, the brand is built around an entity’s core values. In Apple’s case, its brand is greatness. The entity recognizes people who dared to think differently, and, as a result, changed the world. The entity, therefore, endeavors to be the benchmark (market leader) in its sector. The entity accomplishes this via innovation and creativity. Continue reading