Which Strategy Would Help You Come Up with a Topic for a Research Paper about the Titanic?

What can you write about Titanic that has not been written by others? If you are questioning yourself about this, it may take you hours before you finally decide what topic to choose. We suggest you focus not only on the content of your future project but also on the approach of presenting your ideas. You can go for an extremely creative way of writing your essay that will impress your readers. This article will be a kind of paper writing help for you. We will discuss some of the ways you can generate ideas for your research project dedicated to Titanic.

Play the role of a reader. If you do not know what to write about as a popular topic as Titanic, put yourself in the shoes of your readers. What would be interesting for you to read on this subject? Do you want to explore the biographies of some of the passengers that managed to survive? Or would it be more exciting to analyze the reasons why this tragedy happened? By using this technique you will make sure that you have enough motivation to write. When the topic of your research project seems boring to you, it is almost impossible to create a worthy paper.

Brainstorming. If every idea that comes to mind seems either boring or irrelevant to you, use this method to activate your creativity and spontaneity. Just write down every topic related to the tragedy of Titanic. Remember that there are no good or bad ideas. You are simply letting yourself generate as many possible options as possible. Without a doubt, not all of them are going to be suitable to use. However, you are doing this little exercise to overcome writer’s block and stop evaluating your ideas during the creative process.

Looping. This freewriting technique is similar to the previous one. Start noting down everything that comes to mind when you think about Titanic. After you are done, read the ideas and try to identify the key thought, and use it to start another freewriting session. Repeat the process as long as it takes for you to come up with the perfect topic for your research project. Just know when to stop because you do not want to spend time in vain. You might find yourself looking at a long list of topic options that are worth writing a dissertation on. By the way, in case you need help with this kind of assignment as well, use our custom dissertation writing service to avoid stress.

Stand on the shoulders of giants. You might be familiar with this expression. In this particular case, you can explore the topics that other authors used in the past. Do your little research study and note down several ones that seem interesting for you. The next step would be to think about the new topics that can be generated on the basis of the old ones. Just think about the possible ways of looking at the existing articles from a new perspective. What is missing there? What can you add to make the story more appealing?

Try being a journalist. Let’s suppose you are a journalist and need to write an article about Titanic. The questions that you need to find the answers to will include: who? what? why? when? where? Write down the answers after doing a fast research study. After that, you can look at the answers and decide which point attracts your attention the most. In that way, you will understand what you are willing to write about. However, do not rush in and check if there is enough information available that you can use in the paper. Sometimes the topic of your choice might be too narrow and cause you a lot of problems.

Some more tips

Some of the techniques we’ve mentioned can be used in a study group. If you know that your effectiveness increases when working with other students, try to organize such a group or join the one that already exists. You will see that brainstorming can result in a collection of diverse fantastic ideas. Your peers will benefit from this approach as well.

One of the significant stages of the writing process is proofreading. Without a doubt, it is a boring and time-consuming process. Nonetheless, do not skip it. Otherwise, you might get a disappointing result just because of some typos and grammar mistakes. It is better to dedicate an hour or two to this stage than getting frustrated afterward.

Remember that every research paper needs to have a bibliography page. To make the process less annoying, you can use a bibliography generator. The tool allows you to easily make a list of the sources you’ve used to write your masterpiece. It will format the list according to the required formatting style.


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