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Who are our experts?

Our team of writers is incredibly diverse and includes native speakers of English as well as experts for whom it is a second language.

We have in-house writers as well as freelance specialists who work from different countries all across the world. All of them specialize in at least one discipline and are trained to provide first-rate writing help.

How does one become a writer?

Anyone who wants to work for our service has to complete several steps.

  1. The first test

    The candidates have to pass a short exam that helps us evaluate their knowledge of English and the discipline they majored in.

  2. Selection

    Then, we pick the most qualified experts who fit the job description.

  3. Onboarding

    We teach new writers everything they need to know about how to complete orders for our customers.

  4. A mentorship program

    Each writer gets assigned a supervisor who monitors their progress over the first few months of their work.

Frequently asked questions:

Learn more about our writers.

  • Our service employs more than 500 experts, so it makes sense to split them into categories based on their experience. When you place an order, you can ask us to assign you the Best available, an Advanced, or a Top-10 writer. There’s also another special group—Native speakers of English. As you can see, you can choose an expert of any qualification or background!
  • Of course! All of our writers go through monthly performance checks that help evaluate their achievements. We give them advice on how to upgrade their skills, overcome their shortcomings, and get even better at their jobs. Moreover, the most high-performing writers get promoted to the Advanced category.
  • When you place a new order, it gets automatically registered in our system. Then, we review your instructions and offer the assignment to an expert whom we deem qualified to complete it. If they accept the order, we assign them to work on it. You can also ask us to get you a specific writer who has previously completed papers for you.
  • We make sure that your writer completes your paper following all of your instructions. If they fail to do so, you can ask us to edit it for free, and we’ll fix the issue asap. Alternatively, you can ask us for a refund as compensation for the service you didn’t get.

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