How long is short essay: The art of correct word count

Sometimes, it’s common for our instructors to give us a fantastic task: write a short essay. Knowing what that means is difficult. After all, the definition of a short essay depends on the person. In this review, we shall give you some advice on choosing the essay length. As you’ll see, the process is not difficult. Let’s begin!

Finding out the key information

The most straightforward way to know the definition of a short essay is to look at the guidelines. In this regard, we recommend two things:

  1. Simply approach your instructor and ask them. In many cases, people are willing to give you an exact word count. Since everyone has their definition of a short essay, this method seems to be the most reliable;
  2. Look at the university guidelines: some colleges say how long is short essay. Thus, you can simply open their guides and find all the relevant information. In this regard, the choice is usually not the most optimal. We recommend using it when the teachers are not available or openly refuse to give any information on the relevant tasks;
  3. Ask your colleagues: sometimes, if you can’t have information from any sources, a good idea is to work together with other students. Agree on the length of the essay and produce something that has a similar structure in all cases. In short, you have to define how long is short essay sometimes.

Asking for the help of professionals

Generally, the best choice in many cases is to talk with professionals about such topics. The experts at the student paper help service named LivePaperHelp can assist you greatly. A short essay in such a service is from one to three pages. It takes between 275 and 825 words. Typically, the reasons for such a judgment are simple. A detailed paragraph takes at least 150 words. To produce one good paragraph, you would need a minimum of 275 words as the introduction and conclusion would also have to take some space. The best options include two choices in the outlined case. You can strive for a five-paragraph essay with 550 words (150 words per body paragraph and 50 words per introduction and conclusions). Another great option is to have an 825 with the same structure but longer paragraphs. In short, the options you have today are extensive. The approach in question is essential because three paragraphs would give you space to describe two main arguments and provide one counterargument and rebuttal section. This is typically a minimum of what an average essay requires. Thus, you should orient yourself to the outlined structure to understand how long is short essay.


To summarize, the outlined information shows that defining how long is short essay is not difficult. You typically need to either ask or follow the traditional structure. If you have any doubts, the best choice is to ask for outside help. Many professionals are out there. They’ll be able to teach you both about the essay length and the key approaches to writing certain texts in a proper manner.


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