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  • Because we only provide original writing, we charge for all our papers. Our writers are 100% well-qualified specialists, and we cannot give their work away for free. But what you can do to get a better price is order your paper in advance. Any urgent tasks will surely be more expensive than an assignment with a long deadline.
  • We have a transparent pricing policy where the academic level, number of pages, deadline, and type of paper influence the final cost of your order. You can try extending the deadline or requesting fewer pages to get a lower price on your paper.
  • Our money-back guarantee works like a clock. You can ask for a partial refund if you’re not satisfied with the results of our specialist’s work or get a full refund if we haven’t started work on your paper yet.
  • Yes, each paper will be reviewed for free if you mention that some primary requirements haven't been met by our writer. That’s how our free revision policy works.

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