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College Education Essay on Game Theory

Game theory involves the study of strategic decision making concerning with mathematical models that consist of conflict and cooperation that exist in intelligent rational decision-makers. This theory is also referred to as “interactive decision theory”. This theory is mainly used in; political science, psychology and economics. This theory asserts that all participants in any game, earn an equal net loss. In the sense that, a person benefits from a net loss of the other participant. Afghanistan is well known as a poor land as poverty has prevailed in almost all parts of the country. According to the U.S rating of developing countries which are poor, it is ranked at position 182 and this has attracted the attention of international countries to provide humanitarian aid to the Afghans. Many of the Afghans have recorded to have become refugees in Pakistan following the wars in their country and lack of food too. Thus, the World Food Programme has provided food to the internally displaced individuals too. Canada has participated relentlessly in the provision of health facilities, food and education to the poor citizens of Afghanistan.
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Management Essay on Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case Study

The team that Henry Tam worked with on the MGI project was a disparate group with very different skill sets and perspectives on the project. The goal of the project, to create and market a piece of software designed to help people understand music and create it, began with a small group. This group was soon supplemented by others, including Henry Tam and his team, who were attempting to win a Harvard business school contest based on their work with MGI. Read more

College Paper on Cook Composites and Polymers Co

CCP is a company that produces various products like composites resins, cleaners that may be used in industrial operations, and gel coats. The company is charged with implementing procedures that will be cost effective, environmental friendly and ensure that all the operations are efficient. The challenge is whether to use the required amount of styrene, which is expensive and an environmental hazard, or use less styrene, and risk the quality of its products. Read more

Persuasive Speech on Open Adoption


Motherhood is arguably one of the most exciting experiences or any woman. It comes with numerous obligations and responsibilities, especially for the mother. The mothers are unprepared for these obligations in which case they opt for adoption. The practice comes with various implications for all the parties involved. I have had a close encounter with my sister. She gave up her child for open adoption and keeps tabs on the daughter through annual meetings, monthly phone calls, as well as weekly picture texts and facebook. Every time they have an encounter, Read more

War is Necessary

War, or armed intervention as it has often been referred to, has remained an inseparable part of human existence. Throughout histories, there have been numerous instances of communities or countries rising up against others. Some of the armed interventions that attracted global attention include the Napoleonic and revolutionary uprisings that broke out in Europe in the late 18th century, the two World Wars of the early and mid 20th century, and the American Civil war. Worthwhile to mention is that war has, and continues to generate unprecedented controversy. On the one hand, there are those who depict armed intervention as a necessary step that has to be taken in order to promote the common good (Brough, Lango, and Linden 12). Others argue that war is totally unjustified. Despite the various views advanced, a critical appraisal shows that war is indeed necessary for defending a people, bringing peace, and taming intrusive militants. Read more

Free Essay on Social Work And Human Services

Gospel Singer Cassietta George’s Nephew Speaks About Shirley Caesar’s Alleged Lesbianism and Adultery August 20th, 2011, AT2W Staff
The nephew of the late Cassietta George strongly detests that Shirley Ceasar who was believed to be a member of the church to be a lesbian. From this, it can be deduced that lesbianism is not a way of life that is strongly vouched for by the people. This article shows that the welfare of those who are lesbians is not regarded at all. Read more

Lewis and Clark expedition with Indians of the Northern Plains

Lewis and Clark, in 1804, set out on a tour across the territory of Louisiana. The two were heroes from America, who faced strange people, unexplored land, and extremely harsh conditions. They, therefore, are one of the greatest explorers in the whole world. They made their expedition’s stop at Yankton and Dakotan. The two heroes navigated Hazard Rivers and rocky, as well as, rugged terrains. The climate was extremely harsh in most of the places because of the dense clouds, fog, and rain. President Jefferson Thomas instructed Lewis and Clark to collect anthropological information in a methodology way, on the Indians they met. Read more

Literature Essay Sample

Kaplan, A M. and Haenlein, M. (2009). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. Indiana University: Science Direct.

There is proof that the use of new media tools has resulted in humongous and considerable developments within organizations as well as other global fields. Yet it could also be true that its massive use may have resulted in a considerable, rapid rise in other illegal activities especially amongst teens. The generation of information could be said to have comprised of compressed social ideas and the new media has been responsible for changing the social composition of the various societies around the world. Read more

Individual Group Analysis

To effectively appreciate the dynamics of the group meetings it is important to first understand the categorization of the group. According to Hogg and Tindale (2008), there are two types of small groups: aggregate groups and psychological groups. Aggregate groups is a term that refers to groups of people who congregate in a given location by chance; members of the groups are unrelated and are only in close proximity for a short period of time (Hogg & Tindale, 2008). Psychological groups, on the other hand, refer to individuals who congregate on a regular basis to discuss a given issue (Hogg & Tindale, 2008). In psychological groups, the group members are psychologically aware of the presence of other members and know that they are part of the group (Hogg & Tindale, 2008). Read more

Analysis of Fun Home


A family is a social set up that embraces a common bond of oneness and support among the members, for parents need to take care and look after their children, and siblings to uphold love and concern as a virtue amongst themselves in the home so as to live together harmoniously for easy coexistence. A family that has members that do not understand and uphold one another values and beliefs will disintegrate and lack the warmth that is needed to support each other, and such a family shall experience break ups and tragedy. Read more


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