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Kaplan, A M. and Haenlein, M. (2009). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. Indiana University: Science Direct.

There is proof that the use of new media tools has resulted in humongous and considerable developments within organizations as well as other global fields. Yet it could also be true that its massive use may have resulted in a considerable, rapid rise in other illegal activities especially amongst teens. The generation of information could be said to have comprised of compressed social ideas and the new media has been responsible for changing the social composition of the various societies around the world.

The quest for advanced technological innovations towards the communication sector has intensified thus Kaplan and Haenlein have implemented a number of ways in which to educate their readers of the adverse ways in which advanced use of mobile phones aids in organizational development. The diverse use of various other external resources to base their claims makes their article more authentic and real compared to others. Thus, I considered it a perfect source for my project.

Pitcher, K C and the University of Iowa. (2006). From Novelty to Necessity: Social Negotiations of the Cellular Phone in United States Media Culture. New York: ProQuest.

In order to build the body of my research paper, I needed a source that would effectively address the considerable use of mobile devices within the political arena. Pitcher effectively exhibits the magnificent significance of mobile phone use within the political arena. He reveals that most politically motivated decisions are often made by a mere call. Social activities attain diversity through this device, according to Pitcher. In order to execute information regarding political activities, he makes use of this device in order to depict its importance as well as to pass information that new media has an upper hand in the development of any political organization within the globe. His spectacular use of resources to back his facts up makes his article particularly convincing and authentic.

Kenrick, D T, Neuberg, S L and Cialdini, R B. (2010). Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction, 5/E. New Jersey: Pearson.

Within the globe, there has been an ardent need for a faster means through which individuals could communicate and arrange for social gatherings without having a face to face meeting prior to the gathering. The cell-phone has proved to be the most efficient device in performing this function. Kenrick, Neuberg, and Cialdini provide a detailed explanation of how this device has changed the face of social communication making it easier to interact. This resource could be efficient in developing the body of my research paper. However, though I found this resource appropriate, the authors may not have used enough external sources to back up their claims. Most of the reasons seem farfetched and sketchy although they draw to the right conclusion.

Cheap, B. A. (2008). Mr. Cheap’s Guide to Paying for College: Go to School Without Going Broke. New York, NY: Adams Media.

It is the joy of every parent to see his child undertake a perfect education and attain considerable grades that would eventually earn him a satisfactory job. To parents, children’s education is often viewed as an investment every parent, therefore, ought to learn on ways in which he has to ensure that he effectively pays his children’s fees while in college. The author of this book reveals a practical approach to the management of finances within these hard economic times. He states that even though it may sound extremely expensive, it may be considered a worthy investment. He also supports reason that it is extremely significant to attend college. I, therefore, made use of this source in the creation of an argument that concerns the significance of fee payments by parents. I liked the fact that the author had made use of several other sources to base his theories thus making his article appear more convincing than others.

John C. Knapp, D. J. (2009). The Business of Higher Education: Marketing and consumer interests, Volume 3. New York, NY: ABC-CLIO.

Just like Cheap, John emphasizes on the fact that every individual should ensure that he partakes a college education due to the effective end results that accompany it. The author could be considered extremely convincing to his readers due to the manner in which he has argued his points out. His discussions are simple yet strong and are supported by a variety of already formulated facts. This resource would be extremely beneficial to my research paper since it would form a basis for my introduction as well as conclusion and discussion sections.

Kalman A. Chany, G. M. (2004). Paying for College Without Going Broke, 2005 Edition.Washington, DC: The Princeton Review.

Most authors, whose books I read, had a perception that college education is extremely expensive. However, according to Kalman, there are various ways in which one could be able to take his child through a college education without denting his pocket; it is called efficient management of finances. He explains that college could not be expensive for those who learn how to manage the finances. This book offers an explicit, intriguing transition from the commonly perceived norm to a unique perspective that gives the payment of fees’ worthiness a different, enticing meaning. In order to break the monotony within my arguments and to form strong facts regarding the significance of fee payments, I would definitely make use of this source.


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