College Education Essay on Game Theory

Game theory involves the study of strategic decision making concerning with mathematical models that consist of conflict and cooperation that exist in intelligent rational decision-makers. This theory is also referred to as “interactive decision theory”. This theory is mainly used in; political science, psychology and economics. This theory asserts that all participants in any game, earn an equal net loss. In the sense that, a person benefits from a net loss of the other participant. Afghanistan is well known as a poor land as poverty has prevailed in almost all parts of the country. According to the U.S rating of developing countries which are poor, it is ranked at position 182 and this has attracted the attention of international countries to provide humanitarian aid to the Afghans. Many of the Afghans have recorded to have become refugees in Pakistan following the wars in their country and lack of food too. Thus, the World Food Programme has provided food to the internally displaced individuals too. Canada has participated relentlessly in the provision of health facilities, food and education to the poor citizens of Afghanistan.

The eighth Canadian quarterly report has indicated some achievements concerning education, health and provision of food. The Afghans have benefited from the programs that were put in place as Canada allocated $20 billion for Humanitarian need. Many countries were against Afghanistan, and among them, the USA and this gave the Canadian government the strength to go and accomplish its plan of ensuring that the country would not destroy other countries. Being international, Afghanistan has a great impact in many of the countries around the world. The Afghans are Islamic in religion and this religion has been a guide to their doings. Thus, it has made them fight all the Christians in America attempting to gain dominance over the American state. In December 2001, there was a meeting in Germany which aimed at getting into Afghanistan and fighting the rebels. The Canadian government sent a troop that would ensure the Afghanistan is protected as well as other international countries that were targets of the Afghan rebels.

The advancement of Afghanistan’s democratic governance was another goal that was laid down in the Canadian policy. The seventh Canadian government quarterly report asserted the need for the Afghani government to change its ways of elections. The need to reduce the number of elections and the financial burden was also outlined. The previous elections had been full of fraud and there was the lack of transparencies. In a report released by the office of the U.S Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), it was noted that the Afghanistan government had and would continue having electoral issues that would take the time to be solved. The electoral system was poorly managed as there was poor voter registration, poor vetting procedures for qualified candidates and lack of transparencies in the electoral process. The Canadian government quarterly report thus, aimed at ensuring the September elections in 2011 were a step to the representation of democracy. However, under the leadership of Karzai, it has been difficult to establish democracy in the country and this is according to the UN analyses (Herreiner, 4).

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