Technology Essay on Robots

They are usually referred as human machines and imitate one aspect or another in a human being. They play a vital role in the ongoing activities in this world, as well as outside the planet earth. Usually, robots tend to be crucial in undertaking hard tasks that are either dangerous or harmful to the human kind, tasks that involve harsh conditions e.g. hot temperatures, lack of oxygen among others are handed over to the robots. Even though robots are involved in human activities, there must be someone to control them since they lack an advanced brain. Use of robots in the day to day tasks results in positive as well as negative repercussions.

Their effects may either be mental and this determines the longevity of the robot being used. From these points, we find out that robots are a way of life and came to save us. They prevent us from engaging in harmful activities like burning ourselves.

In some countries such as Taiwan, robots are usually used to make electronic gadgets, one of them being the infamous Foxconn.   Foxconn is known as one the world’s leading company in phone manufacturing and due to its growing market, there is a need for fast production services. According to Branigan, (2011), ‘’there are claims of workers ending their lives due to the working conditions exhibited by the company.’’ All this has led to the company opting to invest in robots instead. Automation in all the Foxconn’s plants will be the key thing for the next few years which translates to a huge number of robots to be used. Foxconn activities affect the economy of China especially after the meltdown, but, it has been subjected to criticism by the public after suicide cases were reported. The working environment in the company has sent a number of people to the grave. Foxconn chairman Terry Gou is on a mission to lay off laborers due to their capacity which is overwhelming as well as enhances the quality through the use of robots in his company. The robots are to undertake various easy chores such as spraying, cleaning among others. According to Branigan, (2011), laborers are not willing to take low wages and protest for higher ones but introducing robots in the company will allow you to increase the output without necessarily increasing the number of workers.  Laborers, on the other hand, feel that the work is too much whereas it is accompanied with strict rules particularly the quietness in the manufacturing area. According to these companies which have embraced automation, there will be a rise in investiture and innovation even though there isn’t a specific cost of labor or number of machines to be used. Use of robots will result in faster production and it’s very important for companies to embrace automation. Competition in the market is very stiff and unless you have a number of robots it will be hard for you to cumber dynamism in this world

According to Robotic Teachers in South Korea, 2010, ‘’robots are also on the verge of replacing our school teachers. In South Korea machines are dictating notes and interacting with students in class, seems like technology has taken another toll.  Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have been involved in dispatching a number of robots to schools in Daegu.’’ The whole project was built on the basis of nurturing the robotics. These robots imitate the behavioral aspects of a school teacher such as flexibility in moving to and fro in the class apart from the head that is made of a screen. It’s a phenomenal because the teachers controlling the robots are far distant apart with them. The teachers are able to observe their students and their expressions are translated on the screen. Funny enough the robots are capable of doing some activities such as singing with children. Rural areas that find it hard to allow foreign teachers on their soil would benefit a lot would these teaching robots be sent to them. According to Kim Mi-Young, children have embraced them as eliminate intimidation cases or even shyness which is common in young students. This result in a larger part of the class participating in the various activities offered in the school. The main agenda is to program these robots so that they undertake lessons in highly influential subjects such as English, Science, and Math. For the past years, cases of sexual harassment and intimidation from teachers are rampant in schools. A robot is incapable of racism or undermining students, therefore having robots in school will boost children academically as well as socially. Also programmed robots will be effective and eliminate incompetent teachers and proper education will be available for children (Gifford, C. (2006))

In the field of medicine, there has been the immense use of robots. Doctors and researchers claim that the death toll of patients due to human errors is overwhelming. It is believed the introduction of robots into our hospitals will reduce the deaths drastically. Robots are said to be error free hence vital. Nowadays surgeons don’t need to be physically next to a patient so as to perform an operation. Da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to do their work from distant places. These surgeons, according to Fabry, use devices such as the NeuroArm which is a device for delicate surgeries. Cardiologists can operate a heart without necessarily cutting it with a scalpel. In this case, a machine called HeartLlander is advised for its capability in surfacing the heart. One the hard task in a hospital is child delivery. ‘’Gautier Scientific Company came up with The Pregnant Robot Which is used in easing the child delivery. Risky deliveries benefit a lot from it. The International Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention have conducted a research on how medicine is administered to a patient’’ (Fabry). Their recent reports claim that medicine is given wrongly and results in the use of a machine called TUG. It gives the correct prescriptions as well as the dosage hence making work easier for the doctor. Accidents such as been in a building or injured in the battlefield are rampant. These accidents require immediate attention by a machine called Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot B.E.A.R. which resembles a man and capable of running fast carrying objects.  A Breast Biopsy Robot allows women to check up on their breast with no help from a physician. Women can check on carcinogenic cells as well other problems concerning their breasts with ease. In life, people are bound to get heart attacks but scientists have come up with a Left Ventricular Assist Device that is implanted into the body reducing cardiac arrest. Mistakes done in the hospital by humans are fatal and irreversible; to curb them there should be the intense use of robots. They will not only provide effective medication but save many lives. Robots are incapable of changing their work authenticity whether exposed to harsh conditions in the hospital

In a  nutshell, robots are an indispensable invention in this world. On the industrial part as we see robots increase the efficiency of products. The Taiwan companies have set the pace in modernization through automation. Even though they are bound to replace human laborers the end product will have more quality and uniformity will be achieved. On the social aspect, robots increase our motivation and boldness since they are not capable of undermining you. In south Korea, there is the intensive use of robots and from the feedback, we receive every day we find out that to disseminate critical information to our young generation by not caring about color or skin, robots will be effective. This will curb the problems affecting us socially such as bullying in schools. In the field of medicine, robots are used to treat and operate people. Operations that involve critical parts of the body such as the heart will call for keenness and a robot is good at it. Machines such as the heartLlander have saved many lives across the globe.

In conclusion, robots are very important in our lives. Once introduced into companies or other work premises they increase the rate of production as well as effectiveness. In life to replace human beings with a machine may be viewed as a bad idea but like I said before the end product is bound to justify the means. Most of the discoveries in this world have been made by use of robots. Dissemination of vital information to other races is done by robots. Automation is key for humans to eliminate some of the natural disasters effects.


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