Sima Qian and Herodotus

1. In terms of research and scholarship, Sima Qian is quite closer to Herodotus, as he had an inclination to trust in anecdotes and word-of-mouth without confirming them with concrete historical evidence (Manning 33). In terms of style, Qian seems to be more terse and practical in comparison to Herodotus, as the Greeks already had the great Homeric epics as a model of narration (Manning 33), and they able to describe group and collective scenes as well as individuals, whereas Qian’s narrations seems to concentrate on the latter (Manning 34). Read more

Technology Essay on Robots

They are usually referred as human machines and imitate one aspect or another in a human being. They play a vital role in the ongoing activities in this world, as well as outside the planet earth. Usually, robots tend to be crucial in undertaking hard tasks that are either dangerous or harmful to the human kind, tasks that involve harsh conditions e.g. hot temperatures, lack of oxygen among others are handed over to the robots. Even though robots are involved in human activities, there must be someone to control them since they lack an advanced brain. Use of robots in the day to day tasks results in positive as well as negative repercussions. Read more

Essay Sample on Self Evaluation

Self-evaluation: Strengths and weaknesses exhibited in my writings.

It is my pleasure to announce that taking this English 102 was a good experience for me. I faced many difficulties in writing English since I first learned English in Australia and then I came to the United State and had to face the differences in the English used in the United States’.  My writing was unreadable (my teacher in Minnesota in 2009 used to say), but as you read now, you will find more sense in my writing. I totally appreciate your help to improve my writing in this class. I completed two works for English 102 at Wright State University: “The Usage of Business” and “Effects of Sexual Media in Youth”.  In the process of writing these two works, I faced several challenges which have led to the weaknesses seen in my writing.  My strengths are proof to how different writing strategies have helped me.  Through this class I have improved my ability to think and write critically which has prepared me for writing in my field of study; Finance. Read more

Psychology: Depressed Resident in Nursing Home

Part I: Client Information
Professional Setting
The following case analysis involves a patient in a nursing home who has been suffering from a major depressive disorder for many years. The reasons for such disorder have not yet been established but can be attributed to the lonely life he has led and a tendency of alcoholism. The treatment goal for my client is acceptance of his current situation and how to deal with depression. Read more

Preliminary Data Analysis and Reporting Plan


Qualitative research is mainly used to perceive activities of people and the reasons that rule such behaviors. This method focuses on decision making while putting emphasis on why, how, what, where and when they occur. It also concentrates on the content analysis and evaluation of text material depending on the expected topic of study. The main way in which results are organized and reported in this method is by the category of data into patterns. Read more

Essay on Smoking Tobacco

Smoking tobacco is a very dangerous because the results are always devastating. A writer could write an essay on smoking tobacco causes cancer topic because this topic is very wide. A writer may decide to dwell on a topic can discuss the chemical compounds found in tobacco and how such chemicals develop cancerous cells. Read more

Trauma essay

The term trauma is used to describe the painful and distressing situations experienced by a person. Most people do not express trauma explicitly. Identifying the traumatized individual, therefore, is a hectic process. This is even more difficult if there is a weak relationship between the traumatized individual and the physician. While in an internship, I had a chance to work with a family whom they had been exposed to traumatic conditions for several years. The family was composed of the grandmother, Sarah, who was aged 49 and mentally retarded, the mother, Jasmin, aged 23 and with low IQ, the father, John, aged 25 and addicted to drugs and to daughter, Kelly and Janie, who were both aged 15months and 2years old consecutively. During my first encounter with the family, I was doing my normal chores of assisting the family in medical applications, job hunting, and financial assistance.

Read more


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