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Who can write my research paper?

Multiple companies claim they can write a paper for you. The surplus of websites offering their assistance is overwhelming and puzzles most of students. Fortunately, there are some specific traits of high-end reliable writing companies that will help you to make sure that the website you’ve chosen will complete your assignment in the best way.

The first thing you should pay attention to are the writers themselves. At LivePaperHelp, we don’t disclose the personal data of our experts but the hiring process we use describes our specialists even better.

To work with us, applicants have to pass tests on English and disciplines they are about to cover. They have to go through training on various formatting styles and types of academic writing. With us, newcomers are assigned editors and proofreaders and work with them in teams, which improves their writing skills. We evaluate our staff every six months to see if they still correspond to our standards and to promote the most diligent experts.

With us, you can also choose an expert by yourself. To do so, you can buy samples by a writer assigned to you. In this case, you will receive several pages from papers previously written by your expert. These pages will demonstrate to you if the specialist we’ve chosen for you suits your needs and the requirements of your paper. You can also opt for the “advanced” and “ENL” writer categories to have your order completed by an experienced specialist in your discipline or by a writer for whom English is a native language.

Submit your research paper on time!
  • Only original content and reputable sources
  • Pricing starts at only $10/page.

What guarantees should an academic assistance website provide?

First of all, make sure there are official terms and conditions on the website. They are an agreement between the company and the client that explains what you should expect from your ghostwriters and what is expected from you. In a nutshell, a trustworthy academic assistance company should accept crucial obligations. These are the guarantees we at LivePaperHelp promise to fulfill:

Confidentiality guarantee

We store your personal information according to the GDPR and our inner privacy policy. To save you from any kind of fraud, we also use cybersecurity software. Our choice is McAfee, as this certificate guarantees our visitors’ safety from phishing and other viruses.

Authenticity guarantee

When we write your paper for you, we do it from scratch. We don’t use pre-written pieces of text or free essay banks. Your instructions become guidelines for our experts. You can also ask your ghostwriter to use specific vocabulary or sources to make your assignment even more personalized. To make sure that your paper doesn’t contain pieces of text copied from sources without proper indication, we double-check your assignments with plagiarism-detection software before we deliver them to you. This gives us the right to promise you that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free.

Free revisions policy

To guarantee the correspondence of the paper you receive to your initial instructions, we ask you to read the paper you receive thoroughly. If you think there is anything in your paper that should be amended, apply for a free revision. This policy obliges our writers to work on your order until you are fully satisfied.

Money-back guarantee

If we fail to fulfill our obligations for the quality of the paper and the timely delivery, you will receive a refund. This is our ultimate satisfaction guarantee.

What Our Clients Want to Know

What options will make my paper look better?

When your basic request is “write my paper for me,” you receive a professional high-quality assignment completed on time. But what if you want something more? Is there a way to improve your grades and boost your academic success with the help of custom writing companies? How can you make your knowledge of the subject deeper with the help of a paper completed for you by an expert writer?

Smart paper

Choose this option to transform your piece of text into a true manual on your topic. Order it to get answers to all your questions on the writing process of your paper, its methodology, the topic or the discipline, etc.

Copies of sources

Buy links and PDF files of sources your writer has used while working on your assignment to find out more about your topic.

Progressive delivery

Choose this option if you’re ordering a large paper of 30+ pages and want to receive your assignment in parts. You will be able to look through each part of your paper before the next one is written and get better control over the writing process.

Questions frequently asked by ghostwriters’ customers

You can ask any kind of question to our support team. But you can also find answers to the most frequent questions our clients ask us in the section below.

  • The main aspects of your order that affect its price are your academic level, the number of pages you need, and your deadline. The shorter the deadline is, the higher the price. The discipline can also impact the cost: for example, a paper on a complex subject, like engineering or IT, will add an additional 20% to your initial price.

  • It depends on the deadline you put. More than 97% of the papers we complete are delivered on time. You can submit your order beforehand and give our experts 14 days or more to complete your assignment, or you can ask for fast writing and select a 4-hour deadline.

  • For sure. We complete all kinds of academic assignments, except multiple-choice tests. We will write your report or essay, complete your dissertation, and conduct any kind of research or survey for you. There are some minor restrictions, though, that are explained by our social responsibility policy: we won’t write on controversial topics and on very practical subjects. We can’t help you to create a nuclear bomb, for example, but hopefully this is not your scope of interest.

If you have more questions and would like to learn more about LivePaperHelp, you can visit this page dedicated to the frequently asked questions.

Our writing samples
Psychological Analysis of Rick Sanchez’s and Mortimer Smith’s Phobias
Research paper
Problems of a Werewolf in a Moderate Social Climate through Examples in J.K. Rowling's and S. Meyer's Novels
Research paper
Custom paper features
  • Approx. 275 words / page

  • Font: 12 point Arial/Times New Roman Double line spacing

  • ANY citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard)

  • Fully referenced work

  • We write on ANY TOPICS

  • Free revisions according to our revision Policy

  • Free title page

  • Free bibliography & reference

  • Free formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and others)

  • 24/7 Customer Support

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