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Fresh Essay Topics Ideas

There are several stages of emotional experience after you get the assignment of writing an essay. First, there's denial. You refuse to believe in your bad luck and want to avoid this traumatic experience. Then, you realise that it's something you can't run away from and accept the harsh reality. On the final stage, you get yourself together and start being rational. You need a way to solve this problem and we know the best one - hiring a professional writer to get rid of these negative emotions. The experts at will even suggest fresh and interesting essay topics for your paper to stand out and be memorable. There's nothing we can't do when it comes to the academic writing.

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Topic Choice

One of the first problems of writing an essay is choosing a good topic. You might have heard that it should be interesting for you to explore otherwise you risk dying out of boredom. And it also has to be appropriate for the class so writing about your favourite episode from the "Games of Thrones" is not the best idea (unless it has a high correlation with the subject you discuss in class). What should you write about? How to make the right choice? One of the possible approaches you can take is thinking about something that interests you the most in the subject you learn. If there's a specific area you'd like to dig deeper into but don't know how to do it, ask your instructor to give you a piece of advice.

We Can Be Your Source of Inspiration

You can be assigned with a lot of kinds of essays and our team of talented writers can come up with original and profound topics for your papers. They will listen carefully to your recommendations and craft the paper you want. Very often our service turns out to be the only place poor students can come to as their instructors always lack time to explain the unclear parts of their assignments. No matter how much time is left to finish your paper, you can rely on our professionals.

Argumentative Essay Topics

This type of essay can be considered to be the most popular one. Instructors like reading the reflections of their students and evaluate how good can they express their thoughts. The biggest challenge here is to prove your point of view by supporting it with credible and real evidence. You can't make anything up to make your case. It's difficult to come up with a debatable topic that you can discuss. Here are some to get you started:

  • Social media should be banned
  • The concept of a privacy is vanishing
  • Higher taxes on the unhealthy food can be a solution to obesity
  • Feminist movement of the 21st century becomes a real threat
  • There should be no advertising in the 21st century

Definition Essay Topics

This type of essay requires a student to demonstrate the knowledge of the particular term learnt during the course. If one can't understand the terminology used to describe some specific phenomena, it's hard to imagine he or she can perceive the information effectively. Your goal is to give some historical background of the roots a particular term has and present its definition with broad explanations. These are some of the possible definition essay topics:

  • Creationism
  • Chauvinism
  • The American Dream
  • Marketing Mix
  • Evolution

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The concept is very simple. You explain the cause of a particular phenomenon and the effect it has on our society, environment, etc. You can think of hundreds of topics to dedicate your paper to and these are just some of the possible ones:

  • The Influence of the modern technology
  • Smoking
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Traveling abroad
  • Planned flights to Mars

Controversial Essay Topics

Your task is to find a debatable essay topic and express your thoughts on it. It might be quite difficult to present your views and to find the credible and convincing arguments to support your viewpoint. Check some of these topics to get you inspired:

  • Should all the travel visas be canceled?
  • Is the age difference important for the relationships?
  • Should violent video games be banned?
  • Does tolerance help in resolving conflicts or make it worse?
  • Should Smoking be banned?

Narrative Essay Topics

Telling a story is not as simple as it may seem. Choosing the right words and making your narration interesting is a really challenging task. The best tips for crafting an inspiring essay is to write about something you care and have strong emotions about.

  • My first love
  • The best gift I've ever received
  • The biggest secret I know
  • My best friend
  • A terrifying experience I had

Informative Essay Topics

The main issue with the informative essays is that you have to conduct a research to write a good one. You need to collect enough of relevant information to describe an event, person, or phenomenon. The biggest mistake students frequently make is using the web as their only source. Don't be lazy and go to the library to find rare but interesting facts.

  • The Genius of Nicola Tesla
  • The main principles of Christianity
  • The secrets of Stonehenge
  • The mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids
  • Animal extinction

Expository Essay Topics

Giving instructions and describing how something is done are the crucial points when writing an expository essay. If you are not assigned to a specific topic, you can come up with something fictional to let your imagination do the work for you.

  • How to catch an alien
  • How to make everybody do something you want
  • The right way of punishing your children
  • The effect music has on people
  • How to become a wizard

Problem-Solution Essay Topics

There are so a lot of problems in the world that it won't be difficult for you to pick one for your essay. But finding an effective solution to it can be very challenging.

  • Refugee crisis
  • The lack of clean water
  • Social media effects on people
  • Economic inequality
  • Illegal immigration

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

It will be great if both things you are going to compare and contrast have a value for you. Don't choose a topic just because it's simple to make the analysis and draw conclusions.

  • Christopher Columbus vs. Mars mission volunteers
  • 2015 vs. 1915
  • Your best date vs. your worst date
  • Hitchhiking vs. renting a car
  • Writing essays vs. climbing a mountain

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • When you write a descriptive essay, you need to create a special atmosphere of your narration by choosing the right words and style. If you're writing about a place you've been to, think about what you felt there and try to express these emotions through your words.
    • The best vacation destination
    • My favorite book character
    • The strangest room I've been in
    • My favorite restaurant
    • My best friend

    Classification Essay Topics

    Write about something of the same category, class, etc. There has to be something that unites all the things you write about. For example:
    • Brainstorming strategies
    • Writing styles
    • Personality types
    • Vacation destinations
    • Types of diets

    Process Essay Topics

    Gather all the factual information on what a particular process consists of and only then start writing. You need to be very attentive to the details when crafting a process essay.

    • How to develop self-confidence
    • How to end a relationship
    • How to build a great music collection
    • How to plan the perfect class schedule
    • How to plan the perfect party

    Persuasive Essay Topics

    Imagine that you're going to court to defend a case. Get prepared and collect the necessary information to make your case.

    • The negative power of the internet,
    • Global warming is going to kill us
    • Poverty
    • Human rights
    • The importance of a traditional education
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