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How to buy a research paper online

Today, you can buy anything you can imagine online, including fruit pizza and enriched uranium. Academic papers are more popular than awkward dishes and weapons of mass destruction and that is why the range of offers on the market is enormous. It is easy to get lost in the dilemma: which company to choose.

To buy a research paper online you will be delighted with, you must know the difference between free essay banks and custom academic assistance websites. When you download a paper from the first one, nothing guarantees you the originality of this piece of text, your confidentiality, and even your safety from cyber fraud. That is why we don’t recommend you to use free websites. But how can you choose a trustworthy custom writing company?

What does a reliable academic assistance company look like?

Before you order a college research paper from a website, pay attention to these crucial details:

Information about the company

The website should provide some contact data along with an email. Is there a phone number you can use in case of an emergency? Can you call a support team if you have urgent questions on your paper? Make sure the answer is “yes” to both questions. Another sign of a reliable company is the official terms and conditions section. This means the website takes certain responsibilities and can fulfill them. This section can also explain what you should expect from your ghostwriters and what you should do as a client.

Submit your research paper on time!
  • Only original content and reputable sources
  • Pricing starts at only $10/page.


Authenticity. When you purchase custom research papers, you have the right to expect that they will be completed according to your needs. When you order from a trustworthy company, your requirements should become its guidelines. Another way academic assistance companies can guarantee your originality is by double-checking your assignments for plagiarism before delivering them to you. This is what does to guarantee its clients 100% authenticity.

Confidentiality. A privacy policy and the GDPR are musts for any e-commerce websites but they might not be enough to keep you safe. We recommend you to opt for companies that provide their visitors with cybersecurity by applying corresponding software. Our own experience shows that McAfee's certificate is a great guarantee of clients’ safety. Choose companies that take care of their customers’ confidentiality.

Free revisions. You have the right to ask for amendments in your paper if there is something in it you find inappropriate. Our free revisions policy is a guarantee that your ghostwriters will work on your assignment until you are totally satisfied with it.

Money-back guarantee. If any company fails to grant you a service you’ve paid for, you should be entitled to apply for a refund. We claim this guarantee should be provided by all websites, including academic assistance companies.

Order form

Refrain from employing custom writing companies that promise you to complete a personalized paper without asking you additional questions. How should a writer know what you need if you don’t upload your requirements? When you ask yourself this question, it becomes clear why you should favor an academic assistance website with an extensive order form. The best companies allow you to require a specific tone of voice and writing style in your paper. There should also be an opportunity to upload manuals and books you want to be used as sources for your assignment.

Frequently asked questions about the order form

If you are new to academic assistance sites, some lines in the common order form might take you back. Along with a paper of high quality delivered on time, we offer you additional options that might improve your understanding of the subject and your experience with us.

  • This is an option we’ve developed especially for students who order large papers of 30+ pages and who want to get their assignments in parts. This way of delivery allows clients to check each part before the next one is delivered to make sure that his or her writer made no mistakes and will complete the paper in the right manner. It also gives customers the opportunity to pay in installments for each part.

  • Some disciplines are considered difficult and require specific knowledge from an expert. We have to increase the price for such papers, as there are not so many writers in the world who can complete a paper on civil engineering or IT, for example. Their work is more valuable and expensive.

  • This option improves the quality of your paper. By hiring a writer of an “advanced” category, you receive expert help from a specialist in your discipline who has only great feedback from previous customers. Choose an “ENL” category and your assignment will be completed in brilliant language by an expert for whom English is his or her mother tongue.

  • These are several random pages from previous papers completed by the expert assigned to you by our managers. Check them out to see if the specialist of our choice fits your requirements for the writing style. This option also gives you an opportunity to apply for another specialist if you think that the one that was assigned to you by us isn’t the best match.

  • By ordering them, you will get links and PDF files of books, articles, and manuals your writer has used while working on your assignment. Look through them to gain a better understanding of your topic.

  • This is an option that will allow you to discuss your paper with your teachers and classmates as if you’ve completed it by yourself. You will receive answers to all the questions you might have concerning your paper.

If you have more questions and would like to learn more about LivePaperHelp, you can visit this page dedicated to the frequently asked questions.

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