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Buy an essay online to get an “A”

Thanks to modern academic companies, everything is possible, including planning your grade. But to avoid pitfalls, students should follow some simple rules and know some tips. Check out our recommendations and always get the best grades for your papers.

1. Choose a custom writing service

Pay attention to the guarantees the company provides. We at state that an academic assignment ordered from a writing service should be authentic and contain no plagiarism. To make sure our clients get unique pieces of text, we complete each order from scratch according to their requirements and never use prewritten papers. We also double-check our papers with plagiarism-detection software to make sure all sources are properly quoted and cited.

2. Make sure there is a confidentiality guarantee

Data protection regulations are a must for all EU and US websites. We recommend you to opt for e-commerce sites that offer their visitors more than some obligatory rules., for example, cooperates with cybersecurity companies, namely McAfee. The certificate of this software on a website is a guarantee that customers are also protected from viruses and phishing.

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  • No plagiarism, multiple guarantees
  • Low prices, only $10/page.

3. Fill in the order form properly

To buy an essay online, you have to answer some questions about your assignment. This is obvious, but some students stay silent about their requirements. Don’t be one of them. How can a writer complete a personalized paper for you if he or she doesn’t know what you need precisely. Professional writing companies give their clients the possibility to submit additional instructions, like to use a specific manual, tone of voice, or even vocabulary.

4. Stay in touch with your writer

The expert assigned to work on your order might have questions concerning your essay. If your deadline is short, you’d better answer them ASAP. This recommendation is especially useful if you order a large paper from a writing company and decide to get it in parts using a progressive delivery. To receive all the benefits from this option, check out your assignment part by part before the next section is in the working process. By doing so, you will quicken the writing process and will eliminate the risk of faults and mistakes in your paper.

5. Order additional options

At, we have several options aimed at improving students’ understanding of their topics. You can order the “smart paper” option to get all the details on your paper and receive answers to any questions you might have. Customers who have already ordered this novelty have stated that it transforms their papers into comprehensive manuals on their subjects.

Another way to deepen your knowledge on a topic is to buy copies of sources. You will receive links and PDF files of books and journals your expert has used to complete your paper.

What Our Clients Want to Know

6. Use the paper you receive as a sample

In order not to be accused of cheating when you purchase a custom essay, use the piece of writing you receive from professionals as a sample for your own academic masterpiece. Copy the formatting style of your paper, pay attention to its structure, mimic the writing style of your expert, and check out the sources on the reference page.

If you use a piece of professional writing as an example only, there will be no way to accuse you of breaking academic integrity principles.

Common questions our customers ask on

Even though we have a support team that is always ready to answer any questions, some of them are so frequent we decided to gather them in a separate section. Check them out to get rid of any uncertainties concerning buying academic papers online.

  • To stay on the safe side when you buy essay papers, choose services with average prices. Avoid downloading any piece of text from free essay banks, as you never know what kind of viruses you will receive as a bonus. There is no need to pay extra money for top experts in narrow fields if you need a simple English 101 essay.

    Average prices mean the writing service hires good specialists, knows how to run their business, and won’t let you down when completing your paper.

  • offers you to choose from three categories of writers. Choose the “best available” category and we will assign you with a specialist in your field who can immediately start working on your assignment. Hire an “advanced” writer if you want your paper to be completed by a skillful and experienced writer with great feedback from previous customers. If you need your essay to be written in flawless language, opt for an “ENL” expert. In this case, you will be assigned a professional writer for whom English is his or her mother tongue.

  • We deliver 97.7% of the papers we complete before the deadline as we understand that along with the professional piece of writing and our academic assistance, we sell your free time to you. You can submit an order beforehand and give us up to 14 days to cover your topic or ask for fast writing and select a 4-hour deadline. Remember that the longer the deadline is, the lower the price for your paper will be, and the shorter the deadline is, the more you will have to pay for your order.

  • No, we have a social responsibility policy that forbids us to complete multiple-choice tests and write on overly practical subjects. We won’t cover some controversial topics as well.

    To make sure we will accept your order, place a free quote before you pay. By doing this, you will receive a payment link only when we are sure we can accept your order and that we have an expert to complete your paper in the best way.

If you have more questions and would like to learn more about LivePaperHelp, you can visit this page dedicated to the frequently asked questions.

Our writing samples
How Would the Development of Society Look Like in the Absence of Religion and Faith?
Religious studies
Risks of Veganism's and Rawism's Popularity for Ecology
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  • We write on ANY TOPICS

  • Free revisions according to our revision Policy

  • Free title page

  • Free bibliography & reference

  • Free formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and others)

  • 24/7 Customer Support

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